About the Author

(Not as damaged as you might think!)


Andy was born in London, England during the early 1970s before computers made it big, imagination was the only gaming system, and hand-me-downs were a right of passage.  Spending most of his happy childhood like millions of others, making stuff, roller-skating (four wheels on each corner please), inventing lego weapons, drawing and pretty much anything else that would allow him to explore his creative side.

After a less than comprehensive, comprehensive education Andy enrolled in art school where he discovered drugs were an additively expensive way to waste your life, women didn’t find him particularly attractive, and drinking until 4 am then attempting a full Saturday job were in fact, possible!  After obtaining an Honours degree in 3-dimensional design, (Yes I shit you not, he’s actually got a degree!) Andy joined the rest of the species and got a proper job.

Despite being press-ganged into the rat race life of an ‘employee’ Andy never gave up his love affair with the arts, he’s exhibited his artwork in London, selling both nationally and internationally.  Invented a magnetic framing system, applied for a UK patent, started and ran a successful restoration company all while going through a bitter divorce with his hair and youth.

Now in his early forties and possessing an undying urge to tuck things in Andy sat down and began to write, inevitably how he saw the chaotic world around him affected his work, one month later TBK ~ The butterfly killer was born.  Being a very pragmatic person, Andy's not afraid to say what he thinks or talk about the things he observes in everyday life, especially if that means asking exposing questions and TBK does exactly that.