“Religion is but warfare of the mind.”

To believe absurdities

is to commit atrocities

Never judge a book they say............

"Not bound by such a weak and short-sighted disposition, I come and go as I please, picking them off like fat, juicy ripe grapes from a never-ending vine, in my own personal garden of Eden"

A little white lie causes

the brutal murder of

Rachael Emily May

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"Horrifically Violent" "Grippingly Gruesome" "Funny & Oddly Addictive"
The Butterfly Killer


Rachael’s outstanding beauty I first admired on one of the many dating apps, the serial killer’s search engine of choice as Ubel and I have affectionately come to call them.  A spectacular boutique, an emporium of delicious human fruits.

Elizabeth Jane Norton’s life

unravels with horrific



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